Ceremony Options

The Following Options are available for your Ceremony. Your choice will depend on the size of ceremony you are planning, the amount of time and involvement for an officiant and the degree of personalization. Please contact for additional details, questions, and pricing information. 

Complete Personalized Ceremony

This option includes everything for a unique and personalized ceremony. You have picked out the colors for your wedding, the flowers, the cake, so why not also have a ceremony that celebrates your love as as a unique gift to yourself, your friends, and your family. I will work with you to create a ceremony that incorporates your personality, your traditions, and your deep beliefs. Using a basic template for a successful ceremony, we will work together to fill it out with those message you want to share with your partner and with your guests, so that your Wedding will live on as a reminder of your love. This option includes all aspects of your ceremony from consultation, rehearsal, and through the entire ceremoy:

  • In-person and telephone/e-mail consultations
  • A personalized ceremony based on consultation and materials gathered by you or provided by me at your request
  • Assistance in drafting vows
  • Attendance at rehearsal to prepare the wedding party
  • Arrival up to two hours prior to ceremony to make sure everything is in place
  • Archival printing of your readings and vows mounted beautifully on color coordinated card stock for the ceremony and as keepsakes. 

Simple Ceremony

This option is for those couples who want a few personal touches but mostly wish to have a simple traditional ceremony. You choose from a variety of readings and ceremony elements to create a ceremony fitting your relationship. I will consult with you by telephone and e-mail to work with you in creating your ceremony. This option is more affordable but still gives you a unique and personal ceremony to share with your family and live in your memories for years to come. This option includes:

  • Telephone/e-mail consultations
  • A personalized ceremony based ceremony elements and readings provided by you or cascade ceremonies
  • Vows written by you or traditional vows provided by Cascade Ceremonies
  • Arrival up to one hour prior to ceremony to make sure everything is in place


Do you want to memorialize your love without the big ceremony? This is the option for you if you want to have a courthouse style wedding but at the location of your choice. You bring all of the marriage paperwork and two witnesses. I meet you at the location of your choice for a brief, intimate but touching ceremony. You may provide your own readings or vows to add a personal touch or I will provide materials
  • Telephone/e-mail consultation to arrange time/place and any other details
  • A brief touching ceremony, which may include a reading provided by you
  • Vows written by you or provided by cascade ceremonies
  • Up to 1/2 hour at ceremony location performing ceremony and signing paperwork

Included in all Ceremonies. . .

  • If desired, I can file your marriage paperwork after your ceremony. This is one less matter you will have to remember as you leave to celebrate with your friends and family or leave for a honeymoon. 
  • Cascade Ceremonies has many sample ceremonies, readings, and sample vows that you may review in designing your ceremony. 
  • I am happy to meet with any couples to see if we are a good match. This can be done by telephone or in person and I can explain more about myself and the options for ceremonies.  
  • Day of ceremony guarantee: I coordinate with other officiants to guarantee that in the event of a rare emergency preventing my attendance at your ceremony, your ceremony will occur as planned.
  • I am based in Snohomish County. All ceremonies include travel to locations within Snohomish County. There are additional travel costs for locations outside this area or requiring ferry travel. Please contact for pricing.